Mar 222014
Ukrainian language and Ukrainians with their n...

Ukrainian language and Ukrainians with their neighbours in the early 20th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We see the Eastern dictator, emboldened by his recent success, to continue his theft of Ukrainian territory. Not satisfied enough with stealing Crimea, he will continue his advances and take other parts of Ukrainian territory and claim them as his, using various false pretexts. The strategy is to isolate the authorities in Kiev who move ever closer towards alignment with the West. He is convinced that the West will not risk military confrontation and that any type of sanctions imposed will not be enough as to deter his ambitions.

Make no mistake.

His appetite is ravenous. He comes from the era of domination by force. He believes completely that the West aims to subjugate and dominate his country and this is his way of demonstrating that he will not be stifled or made small.  He believes the West was responsible for the breakup of the USSR and he aims to restore it. He is not Medvedev who is a moderate.

Western leaders cringe at the prospect of going too far in sanctions and penalties for fear of reciprocating actions from Russia that will affect their economies as well, so there is little they can do to prevent this man from aggression. If Poland escalates its schedule for the defensive missiles shield in its country, he will do the unthinkable – consider invading this country as well. He will go as far as he can without it leading to a nuclear confrontation but he is willing to go even that far because his ego and pride are his own demons.

This is a very dangerous man.

Mar 012014
Flag of Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Russian dictator continues to defy democracy and repression as he grapples with losing his puppet ally.  Let there be no doubt – he has invaded the country under false pretenses and does not intend to leave. U.S. and European attempts to gain retreat will not be successful and like Georgia, Ukraine will fall beneath his army, but not before the dead accumulate. His actions will gain increased condemnation and international sanctions but they are little consequence to him for he will not retreat. It is not his nature.

UPDATED (3-16-2014) - Crimea has voted to rejoin Russia. The dictator will officially accept this and declare Crimea annexed to Russia. He is also pondering moving into Eastern Ukraine  as well as further territory in the South near the border of Crimea. He is undeterred by the West and threats of sanctions. The further encroachments could lead to a confrontation directly with NATO as Ukrainian leaders have secretly discussed the previously unthinkable idea of joining this organization for security reasons.

Feb 172014

Sky watchers will have their eyes fixed on the heavens today at 9 pm (EST) as the Earth experiences a close encounter with recently discovered asteroid 2000 EM26 zipping by us traveling 27,000 MPH. The asteroid, which will not hit us is estimated to be 885 feet (270 meters) in diameter and will be at a distant of 8.8 lunar distances from Earth.

List of Solar System objects by size

List of Solar System objects by size (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Feb 152014

The King of the South wages war with his words. He is benevolent to his enemies and is fractious to his friends. It is too late now. Twilight descends upon the citadel of the king, and in darkness, dominion will rule.