Nov 152012

Why is Israel  suddenly moving very aggressively against Hamas in Gaza? They are targeting rocket launchers, leaders and ammo dumps.  Maybe they are looking to knock out a Hamas retaliatory capability before the strike in Iran? Then they only have to deal with one front instead of two. For those of you who have contacted me in the past, I told many of you it would begin with an attack on Israel. Let they with whom I have shared some of this knowledge understand.

Oct 072012
Coat of Arms of the Israeli Air Force

Coat of Arms of the Israeli Air Force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Israeli Air force shot down a drone whose mysterious origin will soon be discovered to have been from Lebanon on the orders of Hezbollah. It was not carrying any weapons and appears to have been on a reconnaissance mission (most likely of Israeli military targets) to be used in a future attack against Israel.

Sep 232012
Map flag of Iran, SVG version of Image:Iran tr...

Map flag of Iran, SVG version of Image:Iran tricolour.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A senior Iranian commander has told Iranian state run television that a strike by Israel on Iran could trigger World War III. Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh who is responsible for the Iranian Republican Guard’s aerospace division told state-run television that an Israeli attack would provide Iran with an excuse to destroy Israel and establish a Palestinian homeland. As with previous commentary from Iranian military personnel, he indicated that they would also attack U.S. bases in the region should Israel attack them first. Indicating that Iran or Israel and the U.S. would not be fighting a war alone  with Iran, he indicated that other interested countries would take sides, leading to a wider conflict. He also boasted that Iran would break the back of Israel in a military exchange in a day. “If the Zionists really do strike Iran, it would provide a historic opportunity for the Islamic Revolution to wipe them off the face of the earth.” Iran would then “reclaim the lands occupied by Israel for the Palestinians.””Our enemy will begin the war, but we will be the ones to end it,” he stated.

Sep 232012

Nuclear weapon test Mike (yield 10.4 Mt) on En...

The Iranians have been busying identifying spy devices and explosives aimed at delaying their march towards developing a nuclear weapon. The Sunday Times is reporting that Iranian guards examined a rock near the formally secret Fordo complex where Iran is enriching uranium. It seems the rock was a listening device designed to tap into the Fordo complex computers and collecting the information for later use by its deployers. When the Iranians tried to examine it close, it exploded. Speaking of explosions, Iran accused German company Siemens of planting explosives in centrifuge parts they recently received. Suggesting that Siemens was in a plot to also disrupt their nuclear adventures. In a few more months, Iran will be beyond the point of no return in their ultimate ambition of having a nuclear weapon.

Aug 232012

In a further example of Iran‘s defiance to imposed sanctions, Reuters is reporting today that Iran has added more enrichment centrifuges to its underground Fordo complex. This news, which is probably no surprise to Israel‘s intelligence resources, further increases the chances that Israel will not wait long before moving forward to disable Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Update: Iran has added more then 1,000 new centrifuges.  Previous attempts to slow down Iran’s nuclear program, such as cybertattacks (code named Olympic Games) has slowed, but not stopped its progress. All diplomatic negotiations have come to a halt.