Mar 012016

We predict the following results:

Alabama – winner Hillary Clinton

Arkansas – winner Hillary Clinton

Georgia –  winner Hillary Clinton

Massachusetts – winner Hillary Clinton

Oklahoma – winner Bernie Sanders

Tennessee – winner Hillary Clinton

Texas – winner Hillary Clinton

Vermont – winner Bernie Sanders

Virginia – winner Hillary Clinton

May 302015


Today Martin O’Malley, former Maryland governor declared his candidacy on for the Democratic nomination. We see him having a 0% chance of success.

Regardless of his entry into the race this will not change the final outcome, and so we are ready to make our prediction for the Democratic and Republican nominees for President of the United States:

Democratic nominee: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Republican nominee: It is still unclear to make a definitive prediction, but we are willing to narrow the field and predict it will be either: Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush or Rand Paul.

Check back for updates as we get farther down the road.