Oct 012017

We predict a major North Korean nuclear provocation will take place sometime between October 8th – October 20th. It will be significant, and could trigger the outbreak of direct military hostilities.

The U.S. is sending a strike force to the region (USS Ronald Reagan, Aegis-equipped destroyers and a nuclear powered submarine) for “training exercises” with Seoul scheduled to take place around October 15th. The USS Ronald Reagan is the biggest US warship based in Asia. We fear it may be caught up in this provocation with one of its own by crossing over the Northern Limit Line.

May 282017

Despite a stern warning issued by the Group of Seven (G-7) member countries on Saturday in which they stated that North Korea posed an increasing threat to the peace and stability of the international community, once again, North Korea has launched a new missile.

South Korean President Moon convened his National Security council in response and they gathering to discuss this latest provocation..

The apparent ballistic missile was launched from Wonsan. a coast city in the North. The missile flew East.