Apr 092011
1755 copper engraving showing Lisbon in flames...

Our predicted date range for this earthquake event ends tomorrow.

On March 13th (find in the Predictions tab above or via this link) we predicted an earthquake between 5-8 magnitude at 25 degrees North in the land of New Navarra to occur between the time of March 20th and April 10th. While the date range was accurate we missed the location by 5 degrees.

There was a significant 6.5 magnitude earthquake that did occur during our predicted range on April 7th at 17 degrees North in the area near Veracruz, Mexico. While we were off by 5 degrees, this did strike in the general vicinity of our prediction and we believe this event fulfilled the prediction.

Fortunately, because the earthquake was deep, there was a small amount of damage and no loss of life. This event was eclipsed by the unfortunate 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Japan which happened 1 hour later.

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