Jun 012011
huge CME

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The Royal Observatory of Belgium is reporting that a “C4.1 flare erupted today June 1st around 17UT from NOAA AR 1226 and was associated with a CME and a coronal dimming. STEREO COR2 images indicate that this CME is directed towards Earth. Because of its higher speed this CME will most likely catch up with the CME that erupted earlier today. Expect disturbed geomagnetic conditions on June 4th when the CME interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field.”

We predict that this may also generate earthquakes greater than 6.0 or extreme weather conditions between the 5th of June and the 8th of June. Current location of these are not known at this time.

UPDATE 6-4-2011: The Solar CME has arrived and we have a volcano eruption (Chile), several earthquake swarms in Argentina and as we stated in yesterday we predict bizarre weather patterns to commence tomorrow and last over the next few days. Look particularly for odd weather on the West Coast of the U.S.