Dec 182011


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Russian scientists investigating the impacts of global warming in the Arctic ice shelf have discovered a series of  giant “fountains’ spewing massive amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere. They have discovered 100 already and fear that there are potentially thousands of them. The impact of this find is staggering.  Global warming has been steadily causing the permafrost in the Arctic region to not be so permanent. It is melting at an incredible pace and the result of this is the release of large quantities of methane gas being released. The release of this gas will accelerate the global warming process and result in massive climate fluctuations across the planet.  Methane is 20 times more potent as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), and the current leading candidate for global warming change. Normally the methane is trapped under ice and never makes its way into the atmosphere but because the ice in the Arctic shelf is so thin it is now bubbling up to the surface and escaping directly into our atmosphere. Expect to see even fiercer weather patterns to appear across the planet with increased rains, flooding and unprecedented storms the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetimes.–greenhouse-gas-30-times-potent-carbon-dioxide.html#i