Jan 282012
Crackling with Solar Flares Flare zoom in

A powerful X2-Class flare measuring 1.8 was unleashed from sunspot 1402 last night as it was rotating away from us. The protons unleashed by the Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) are bombarding Earth right now but fortunately, the sunspot was rotating away from us at the time of the explosion so it will just miss us. Nonetheless, the Earth will see some of the affects caused from this with radio interference and GPS issues. Had this sunspot directly faced us at the point of explosion, it could have caused more substantial effects. we may continue to see more light shows similar to the ones enjoyed in the Northern latitudes this past week. Most of the effects will reach Earth January 30th/31st.

Jan 162012


A new virulentEnglish: Public health poster from Spanish flu... strain of Tuberculosis that is totally drug resistant has surfaced in India. The lung disease which as been around for decades has long been treatable with patients exhibiting a full recovery. The newly discovered form of the disease is impervious to all current known treatments and dooms to death those who are unfortunate to catch it. Normal treatment of the disease is to take antibiotics for several months until the disease is eradicated. All of these treatments fail with this strain, leaving patients no avenue for recovery. The airborne disease is primarily delivered by close contact but it is not believed to be more contagious than the flu and is not expected to travel beyond the borders of India. Still, scientists are worried about the spread of the disease and are monitoring it closely.


Jan 152012
Map of the South Shetland Islands Català: Mapa...

2 separate and large earthquakes have struck the South Shetland islands in the span of a few minutes. They ranged in magnitude from 6.2 to 6.6. The quakes were centered 561 km (348 miles) W of Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands at 60.765°S, 55.858°W. No damage reports have surfaced in this sparsely inhabited region. The first quake, a 6.6 magnitude quake struck at 8:40 AM (EST), the second one was a 6.2 magnitude which occurred at 9:21 AM (EST).

Jan 072012
The Crystal Ball

Here are the first of several predictions for the year:

UPDATE 2-5-2012: We are altering our prediction related to an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities by U.S. or Israeli forces. We had originally predicted that there would be no attack by either the U.S. or Israel this year. We now see a forthcoming attack from the Israeli side to occur sometime from July-September of this year when attempts through diplomacy appear to have failed. The attack targets will be Natanz, Esfahan and Arak with an elite IDF force going after the Fordo complex through a targeted land attack using a small ground force supported by complementing air strikes. Some Iranian missile sites will also be targeted to reduce the counterattack capability of Iran. The U.S. will disavow any direct assistance in this action but will signal their support as a sovereign rite for Israel to defend itself. There will be additional rocket attacks from Lebanon and the Gaza strip as Hezbollah and Hamas forces also join in to the fray to open a 3 point front with Israel.