May 172012

NASA has just released data from the orbiting WISE telescope that indicates there are a lot more asteroids out there that can hit us then they previously new about.  While letting us know there is no need to panic, NASA has indicated that they are paying much closer attention then they had before.  More asteroids tand larger ones than previously thought are in orbits that potentially could collide with Earth. Impacting with Earth could create a host of environmental hazards not to mention extensive damage and loss of life. A small asteroid of  40 meters in size impacting earth would be equivalent to the detonation of a 3 megaton nuclear bomb.

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  1. Only the Moon. It is close enough that, detispe being relatively small, it can cover the disk of the Sun. The Moon casts a shadow and it is when this shadow passes over Earth (and you stand in that shadow patch) that you would see a total eclipse of the Sun.Venus and Mercury are bigger than the Moon, but they are much further away from us. Their apparent diameter is therefore too small to block off the light of the entire Sun’s disk. When they pass in front of the Sun, it is called a transit .There will be a transit of Venus in June 2012 (just as there was one in June 2004).No comets or asteroids are big enough to block off the Sun, regardless of how close they pass to Earth. And no, they cannot cause earthquakes. The idea that something could pass between us and the Sun, causing an eclipse AND earthquakes comes from the Planet-X hoax (the original one, for May 13, 2003 the Big 2012 Hoax is simply a recycling of that hoax).The charlatans who played up the hoax used the story to scare people and then make money by selling them books on how to survive.

  2. Next year is the greatest mystery available, i cant wait till dec 21 2012 to see what will happen, or see exactly what wont happen.

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