May 202012

2 large earthquakes struck around the planet last night and today. Last night shortly after 10pm (EDT), a 6.0 earthquake hit Northern Italy followed by another 5 earthquakes ranging from 4-5.1 magnitude in intensity in the same area. 7 were reported killed along with significant structural damage was reported. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck off Honshu, Japan at half past 3 AM (EDT) today followed by 4 additional quakes in the 5+ magnitude range. There was also a smaller swarm of tremblers ranging in size from 2+ to 3+ in the Baja, California region.

Tonight we also have the special treat of a full solar eclipse tonight beginning around 9pm (PDT) which will unfortunately be missed in the Eastern U.S. but seen to some degree by almost everyone else.

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  1. This is one of the best data pieces I have seen on this sbjceut THANKS! I posted it on FB From another source yesterday but I am very glad to have it here. That Japanese thing is absolutely amazing! It was so shallow but it never went away. Having lived in CA, San Diego, I have exerienced the mushy ground feeling when walking that I imagian the Japanese must experience all the time. It is almost like walking on a trapoline. It has to do with the make up of the soil..In our case..sand..I noticed also that the Madris fault in the center of the US had a blip but the rest of the country seemed pretty solid and yet, we experienced a 3.5 here on the east coast last year in Virginia We are suspicious of HAARP at least those of us who are aware of HARRP. I hope this research group is doing the same thing for this year..I think this is going to get more and more intense Sincerly, marina-2:o6pm-est-usa

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