May 252012

U.N. Inspectors have found traces of enriched uranium in Iran that have been enriched to 27%.

That’s 7% higher than Iran says is needed for hospital isotopes and research reactors – a key defense Iran has been making as justification for the need to have 20% uranium enrichment. Iran is claiming that the higher percentage is accidental and can happen during the enrichment process. The U.N. watchdog agency responsible for inspections is evaluating Iran’s response. Recent talks held in Baghdad to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions have ended with no progress except a promise to reconvene in June in Moscow for further discussions.

The countdown continues to the prediction we made in Predictions Part 1 & Predictions Part 2 made in January/Feb and April of this year that Israel will strike the Iranian nuclear facilities by air and land between July-September 0f this year.

Read related story at the BBC

  One Response to “U.N. Inspectors Find Uranium Enriched 7% Beyond Iran’s Stated 20% Threshold”

  1. Any one who is not an idiot would have correctly “predicted” the reulst of Iraq election. It’s a no brainer and the reulst is effectively pre-determined.Would this bring in a more peaceful world? I don’t think so. Peace and democracy are not correlated either way. Hitler was democratically elected, so was FDR.So, shall Iraq now be allowed to develope nuclear weapons, now that it IS a democratic country? If you look around its neighbors, Pakistan and India officially has the stuff. Isreal officially do NOT deny the factorial rumor that it has several hundreds of them. Iran is enriching Uranium for its own “peaceful purpose”. We all know what it means: Iran wants to have its own peace by owning its own stuff.And what prevents other countries in the neighborhood from having their own as well. If now it looks like the only way to guarantee your own safety, when others have IT, and you don’t, is that you shall have it too, so others won’t be able to blackmail you using it.Unfortunately, the United States has been sending the same wrong message around the world over the years through its actions. The unambiguous message, which is unfortunately true, is that should you have IT then every one else shall pay you a little bit more respect.Let’s face the fact, nuclear technology is no secret and there is no prohibitive technical barrier for any country or group to get their hands on IT, as long as there is a political will and a sufficient amount of money invested.In the next few decades, the world would either evolve into the state where every one has the stuff, or every one collectively decided the stuff is too dangerous to have, and get rid of them all. The current state that some has it, and some don’t, is NOT a physically stable state to last very long. So there does not seem to be the possibility that we get rid of them all, The more likely scenary is every one will eventually have the stuff.The world is surely becoming an even more dangerous place. No one want to see that happen but that seem to be an un-avoidable destiny.This anti-anthropic principle may also explain why NO civilization in the universe has progressed to the point that it conquers whole galaxies and enslave people of other civilizations, including our earth.Quantoken

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