Mar 282015
English: Saudi Arabia

English: Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saudi Arabia will launch an imminent ground invasion of Yemen within the next few days to confront and oust the Houthis led rebellion that has plunged Yemen into chaos and thwarted U.S. efforts to eliminate Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups from gaining a greater foothold in the country.

The Saudi government along with Egyptian allies have been bombarding Houthis positions to soften them up, cutoff supply routes and hem them in so that a ground assault can effectively overturn the rebellion.

Aug 252013
English: Flag of Syria, from 1932-58 and 1961-63.

English: Flag of Syria, from 1932-58 and 1961-63. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

U.N. inspectors were finally granted access to the scene of a deadly massacre of Syrian citizens on the outskirts of Damascus. The response from the government of Bashar Al-Assad comes 5 days after the neurological attack, which killed or injured hundreds of civilians. The delay in granting access was designed to make it difficult for inspectors to come to a definitive conclusion that the Syrian government ordered a chemical attack against its own people. Meanwhile the Syrians, Hezbollah & their Iranian masters threaten any response to these attacks by the U.S. will bring misery in return.

So much misery, man against man.

There will be a response. Weapons have been delivered to the opposition and are in their hands. Targeted strikes by the spears of the allies will skirt through the sky and rain destruction on the enemies of humanity.




Mar 172013

We believe an attack will come in the form of a military strike with possible ground troops included. The attack will target the complex at Fordow and other nuclear sites as well as potential retaliatory strikes from within Iran. Iran will counter with a massive rocket attack on Israel from Lebanon and possibly involving Syria (although we see this as increasingly unlikely).