Aug 072012

Massive flooding has hit the city of Manilla, Phillipines with 33% of the capital underwater.  Yesterday the government had reported 50% of the city was flooded but receding waters had brought the percentage down to 33% today. Torrential rains and resultant flooding has brought the flooding to crisis levels compounded by overflowing dams and waterways.

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May 202012

2 large earthquakes struck around the planet last night and today. Last night shortly after 10pm (EDT), a 6.0 earthquake hit Northern Italy followed by another 5 earthquakes ranging from 4-5.1 magnitude in intensity in the same area. 7 were reported killed along with significant structural damage was reported. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck off Honshu, Japan at half past 3 AM (EDT) today followed by 4 additional quakes in the 5+ magnitude range. There was also a smaller swarm of tremblers ranging in size from 2+ to 3+ in the Baja, California region.

Tonight we also have the special treat of a full solar eclipse tonight beginning around 9pm (PDT) which will unfortunately be missed in the Eastern U.S. but seen to some degree by almost everyone else.

Jan 152012
Map of the South Shetland Islands Català: Mapa...

2 separate and large earthquakes have struck the South Shetland islands in the span of a few minutes. They ranged in magnitude from 6.2 to 6.6. The quakes were centered 561 km (348 miles) W of Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands at 60.765°S, 55.858°W. No damage reports have surfaced in this sparsely inhabited region. The first quake, a 6.6 magnitude quake struck at 8:40 AM (EST), the second one was a 6.2 magnitude which occurred at 9:21 AM (EST).

Sep 272011

NASA has scheduled a press conference this Thursday, Sept 29th to discuss what their latest research has uncovered regarding near-Earth approaching objects like asteroids and comets. In June 2011 an asteroid came within 7,500 miles from Earth for one of the closest encounters in years. Earth’s own gravity actually prevented it from colliding into us. Another close encounter happened last night passing 0.6 LD from Earth and was visible as it passed by. 2 more close encounters are due in mid-October and early November.