May 212011
Mar 202011
Coat of arms of the City of Christchurch

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A large aftershock of 5.1 rocked Christchurch, New Zealand last night. Please see prediction made on March 5th. This was the second largest aftershock to hit the city since the 6.3 earthquake of February 22nd.  Damage from this trembling is still being assessed.

Mar 052011
Diagram of the names of God in Oedipus Aegyptiacus

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During the time of the Ram and the passage of Mars to Aphrodite (between March 15 and April 15).

The mountains will tremble once again under the place that bears a name of God in the land of the white clouds

What was once peopled will be uninhabitable.

Let those who are wise, understand the meaning of these words

Update 3-20-2011 –

2 quakes +4.5 magnitude strike New Zealand near Christchurch today. This is the detail for one of them: