Apr 022013

As we predicted awhile ago, additional provocations have begun.  Now the North has declared it’s intentions to restart their former nuclear reactor at Yongbyon in direct violation of international treaty.  Their goal is to acquire more enriched uranium to build  more nuclear weapons and ultimately fit them to their ballistic missiles.  This is what John Kerry meant when he said that we cannot allow North Korea to be a nuclear state anymore than Iran can be one.

Despite rumors to the contrary, China has not mobilized its troops or jets to the highest level.

This situation is only going to get worse.

Mar 242013

From the turbulent sea he has risen, this prodigy, this roaring, bellowing, angry man-child. His bellicose words bring cheers to the populace and fears to his neighbors. His prickles have now become spears and he sharpens them by the hour.

His impetuousness nears the precipice of recklessness. Stony is the soil of this mans soul. Beware of a new provocation within the next 45 days.


Nov 302012

UPDATED: 12-11-12- Missile launch confirmed today.

Their last attempt to put a satellite in orbit failed shortly after launch.  Now they are making plans for a new launch?

Updated today 12/1/2013. Major news outlets are now reporting the story the day after we did:

NBC News


Sep 232012

Nuclear weapon test Mike (yield 10.4 Mt) on En...

The Iranians have been busying identifying spy devices and explosives aimed at delaying their march towards developing a nuclear weapon. The Sunday Times is reporting that Iranian guards examined a rock near the formally secret Fordo complex where Iran is enriching uranium. It seems the rock was a listening device designed to tap into the Fordo complex computers and collecting the information for later use by its deployers. When the Iranians tried to examine it close, it exploded. Speaking of explosions, Iran accused German company Siemens of planting explosives in centrifuge parts they recently received. Suggesting that Siemens was in a plot to also disrupt their nuclear adventures. In a few more months, Iran will be beyond the point of no return in their ultimate ambition of having a nuclear weapon.

Aug 122012
English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“All the threats currently being directed against the Israeli home front are dwarfed” by Iran‘s nuclear ambitions said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in live comments broadcast Sunday by Israeli media. The comments were made after a Sunday Israeli cabinet meeting. Intelligence information recently surfaced and was reported in Israeli newspaper that U.S. and Israeli intelligence had received information that Iran was much farther along then had initially been believed in their efforts to develop a nuclear warhead. Also recent intelligence reports confirmed suspicions that Iran’s ballistic missile technology was also significantly advanced than had been believed.

Netanyahu has been an outspoken critic of current efforts by international negotiators to convince Iran to stop uranium enrichment activities. It is Israel’s and others position that Iran has been planning to use their enrichment technology to secretly build a nuclear weapon and that sanctions will not be sufficient to prevent Iran from reaching this goal. While the U.S. has remained a staunch supporter of the sanctions route, they have conceded that this route has been unsuccessful in getting Iran to stop its activities. Confounding and delaying an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear targets are polls that suggest 64% of Israeli’s don’t want to see a preemptive strike, lack of a coordinated strike with the U.S. and concerns over similar attacks that could be launched on Israel’s Dimona reactor.

We have previously predicted an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities occurring sometime between August – September of this year. However, U.S. elections pressure could delay this prediction to Feb-April 2013.