Mar 222014
Ukrainian language and Ukrainians with their n...

Ukrainian language and Ukrainians with their neighbours in the early 20th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We see the Eastern dictator, emboldened by his recent success, to continue his theft of Ukrainian territory. Not satisfied enough with stealing Crimea, he will continue his advances and take other parts of Ukrainian territory and claim them as his, using various false pretexts. The strategy is to isolate the authorities in Kiev who move ever closer towards alignment with the West. He is convinced that the West will not risk military confrontation and that any type of sanctions imposed will not be enough as to deter his ambitions.

Make no mistake.

His appetite is ravenous. He comes from the era of domination by force. He believes completely that the West aims to subjugate and dominate his country and this is his way of demonstrating that he will not be stifled or made small.  He believes the West was responsible for the breakup of the USSR and he aims to restore it. He is not Medvedev who is a moderate.

Western leaders cringe at the prospect of going too far in sanctions and penalties for fear of reciprocating actions from Russia that will affect their economies as well, so there is little they can do to prevent this man from aggression. If Poland escalates its schedule for the defensive missiles shield in its country, he will do the unthinkable – consider invading this country as well. He will go as far as he can without it leading to a nuclear confrontation but he is willing to go even that far because his ego and pride are his own demons.

This is a very dangerous man.

Mar 012014
Flag of Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Russian dictator continues to defy democracy and repression as he grapples with losing his puppet ally.  Let there be no doubt – he has invaded the country under false pretenses and does not intend to leave. U.S. and European attempts to gain retreat will not be successful and like Georgia, Ukraine will fall beneath his army, but not before the dead accumulate. His actions will gain increased condemnation and international sanctions but they are little consequence to him for he will not retreat. It is not his nature.

UPDATED (3-16-2014) – Crimea has voted to rejoin Russia. The dictator will officially accept this and declare Crimea annexed to Russia. He is also pondering moving into Eastern Ukraine  as well as further territory in the South near the border of Crimea. He is undeterred by the West and threats of sanctions. The further encroachments could lead to a confrontation directly with NATO as Ukrainian leaders have secretly discussed the previously unthinkable idea of joining this organization for security reasons.

Aug 252013
English: Flag of Syria, from 1932-58 and 1961-63.

English: Flag of Syria, from 1932-58 and 1961-63. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

U.N. inspectors were finally granted access to the scene of a deadly massacre of Syrian citizens on the outskirts of Damascus. The response from the government of Bashar Al-Assad comes 5 days after the neurological attack, which killed or injured hundreds of civilians. The delay in granting access was designed to make it difficult for inspectors to come to a definitive conclusion that the Syrian government ordered a chemical attack against its own people. Meanwhile the Syrians, Hezbollah & their Iranian masters threaten any response to these attacks by the U.S. will bring misery in return.

So much misery, man against man.

There will be a response. Weapons have been delivered to the opposition and are in their hands. Targeted strikes by the spears of the allies will skirt through the sky and rain destruction on the enemies of humanity.




Feb 192012

English: NASA projection from 1974 to 2060 of ...

A giant 13 mile long hole in the ozone layer was discovered last October 2011 by Canadian scientists using satellite data and reported in the journal Nature.  The ozone depletion was attributed to an unexpected drop in temperature in the area which had never happened before. This in combination with man-made chlorine chemical interactions, allowed the massive hole to form. The new hole in the ozone layer is similar to one discovered previously in the Antarctic. This is believed to be the first such example of twin ozone holes on Earth. Scientists reviewing the data have determined that the new rupture in the ozone layer will allow harmful ultraviolet radiation to hit northern Canada, Europe and Russia this spring, potentially affecting future wheat crop yields.

Feb 042012
English: Natural gas pipelines from Russia to ...

The Eternal City found itself struggling to escape from its first snowfall in nearly 30 years. Gazprom who provides critical natural gas supplies for many European countries was struggling to meet increased demand for Europe and its own country Russia.  Desperate Serbian unemployed found a critical source of need funds by being paid $10 Euro’s per day to help with shoveling snow in parts of Belgrade. Many hundreds are dead across Europe as the freeze continues to snarl flights and road traffic.

Dec 182011


The global warming icon for the ubx.

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Russian scientists investigating the impacts of global warming in the Arctic ice shelf have discovered a series of  giant “fountains’ spewing massive amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere. They have discovered 100 already and fear that there are potentially thousands of them. The impact of this find is staggering.  Global warming has been steadily causing the permafrost in the Arctic region to not be so permanent. It is melting at an incredible pace and the result of this is the release of large quantities of methane gas being released. The release of this gas will accelerate the global warming process and result in massive climate fluctuations across the planet.  Methane is 20 times more potent as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), and the current leading candidate for global warming change. Normally the methane is trapped under ice and never makes its way into the atmosphere but because the ice in the Arctic shelf is so thin it is now bubbling up to the surface and escaping directly into our atmosphere. Expect to see even fiercer weather patterns to appear across the planet with increased rains, flooding and unprecedented storms the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetimes.–greenhouse-gas-30-times-potent-carbon-dioxide.html#i